The Golden Bullet Band

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A team of volunteers whose names were drawn from a bucket that went on to win UCB Cagematch on the night they were assembled, just like the The Silver Bullet Band before them. This occurred on June 7th during the 2007 season of Cagematch when champion team Derrick was unable to perform.

Their first time ever performing together, they went on to upset predicted winner Jakijesu (consisting of Jackie Clarke, Jess Allen, and Sue Galloway). The suggestion was syringe and the first scene was between Brett White and Joe Spellman involving allergy shots and a hairy girl from Tijuana. There was a runner involving Queens Medical school where it's fucking tough and the beeps mean the patient is alive. Mitch Hansch played a corpse a lot. Other scenes included a metal detector scene on the beach and a gay zombie scene.

They were beat the following week by Omelet Vision and have yet to be seen in the same place together again. Brett often speaks of a reunion. He's only half kidding.


Devlyn Corrigan, Drew, Mitch Hansch, Matt Little, Manny, Joe Spellman, Brett White, John Robert Wilson

At the time, Devlyn was a member of the UCB house team Tantrum. Joe was performing regularly with Sherpa and Matt and John Robert with Thank You, Robot. Mitch and Brett were both in Shannon O'Neill's 301 class and members of an unnamed practice group that would become Bad Data. Manny was visiting from Boston and was unable to return for the team's second performance.