The Glory

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The Glory is an musical opening for long-form improvisation created by Herschel. It was debuted on July 13th, 2010 at The Peoples Improv Theater, the debut of the team as well. The Glory has been used to open every Herschel show since.


Group member Lucas Zachary Hazlett came up with the basic concept for The Glory after watching the movie "Glory". The opener borrows from the campfire scene where the soldiers of the 45 sing and pray around the fire in a showing of emotional and spiritual strength in preparation of their assault of Ft. Wagner. After showing teammate Erick Hellwig the clip on Youtube, Hellwig agreed that the movie Glory was, "the best war movie ever fucking made", and that Hazlett's opener should be a part of Herschel shows. From there, the idea was proposed to the team, worked and refined, and eventually implemented with great success.

"The Glory"

The Glory follows the same skeletal structure as the Invocation (It Is, You Are, Thou Art). At the beginning of the set, a member of the group takes a suggestion of an object from the audience. That same member then takes that suggestion, puts in in the center of the group, and leads the singing of the lyrics "Oh my Lord...Lord, Lord, Lord". The group takes turns at each three sections, using the musical interlude between to dance and gyrate. After the last Thou Art declaration, the group ends the opening with a resounding "We! Are! --(object--)!" and begins their show.