The Ghosty Teen Cartoon Mysteries

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The Ghosty Teen Cartoon Mysteries (commonly shortened to The Ghosty Teens) performed an improvised cartoon mystery, similar to Scooby-Doo and other Hanna-Barbera shows.

Team History

Lynn Bixenspan and Kirk Damato came up with the idea in early 2004, and performed on and off (sometimes with long breaks in-between) for about three years.

They were part of The Project when it entered into its competitive cycle, and lasted several "seasons" before getting the axe.


To come.


The cast went through several variations during its long and varied history, but the original members who stayed through the end were Lynn Bixenspan, Mary Regan, and Ainsley Waller.

Other cast members (at one time or another) included: Kirk Damato (who quit the group for about a week), Erin Rose Foley, Violet Krumbein, Andrea Palumbos, Ernie Privatera, Sean Taylor, Betsy Todd, and Dave Warth.


Doug Moe, a member of Matt Besser's Cartoon Chaos, was the original coach for the group.

Later on, when the group would only occasionally rehearse in Lynn's living room, Erin Rose Foley was the coach.


During its time at The Project, the Ghosty Teens regularly featured celebrity guest stars and cameos, including Don Knotts, Adam West (as Batman), Burt Ward (as Robin), Sammy Davis Jr., Wayne Gretzky, Charlotte Rae (as Mrs. Garrett), Paul Lynde, and many, many, MANY others.