The Frankie

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The Frankie is a longform improv form created by mexican improviser Francisco Antillón.


Francisco Antillón came up with the idea of The Frankie as a practice form for a class he taught at The Assembly Mexico.


The Frankie has the following structure:

- An ask: Getting inspiration from a member of the audience, in the form of a song lyric that has a special connection for them.

- Organic scenes: Three two-person scenes focused on discovery-based game of the scene.

- Monologue: A monologue from either a cast member or a guest, inspired by the theme or situations explored in the organic scenes.

- Premise based scenes: Three two-person scenes focused on premise-based game of the scene. Tag outs and other support moves are encouraged during this phase.

- Group game: A group game inspired by either the monologue or the premise based scenes.

- Connection rush: Quick scenes where characters from different scenes interact with each other.

- What did we learn today?: Quick statements from each member of the cast regarding either specific ideas from scenes or general themes.

Form goal

The intention behind the form is to explore different skills and approaches: Discovery-based improv, game of the scene, monologues, premise-based improv, group games, connections and theme.