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The Curfew is a house team at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. They perform every Saturday at 7:30


The Curfew was born out of Reuben Williams. After Reuben founding member Eric Scott left in the winter of 2010-2011 the team decided to rename themselves.

They also began performing a show entitled "Not From Around Here" where they interview someone from the audience about the town they grew up in and then create scenes based on that interview.

The second half of the show is more free-form although it is often an inter-connected world using different types of edits to move from place to place or time to time. More then a few of these shows have taken place in pharmacies or heaven.

Originally the show was at 10:30 at the UCB Theater but in April 2012 the showed moved to the earlier time slot of 7:30.

In 2014 The Curfew stopped doing the "Not From Around Here" show and do a more free-formed first half followed by a monoscene that is generally inspired by something an audience member has overheard recently.

Monoscenes are frequently set in Best Buys, Old Navy, or Radio Shack. Also these monoscenes are often set in the recent past.

The Curfew did two great shows dealing with a deceased cat. Other than the dead cat the shows were very different.

Cast (past and present)

Current Line up: Charlie Todd, Kevin Hines, Chelsea Clarke, Jim Santangeli, Erik Tanouye, John Timothy, Jeff Hiller, Caroline Martin, Kelsey Bailey, Jenny St. Angelo

  • Founding members: Anthony King, Kate Spencer, Charlie Todd, Ben Rodgers, Kevin Hines, Brandon Gardner, Porter Mason, Chelsea Clarke, and Jim Santangeli.
  • Anthony King and Kate Spencer moved to LA in September 2011
  • Erik Tanouye and D'Arcy Carden joined after Ben Rodgers moved to LA in February 2012
  • Porter Mason retired to New Jersey and was replaced by Natasha Rothwell in October 2012
  • D'Arcy Carden moved to LA in spring of 2013
  • John Timothy joined in May 2014
  • Jeff Hiller joined in October 2015
  • Natasha Rothwell moved to LA in November 2015
  • Brandon Gardner moved to LA in February 2016
  • Lauren Adams joined in May 2016
  • Caroline Martin joined in July 2017
  • Lauren Adams moved to LA in June 2018
  • Jenny St. Angelo and Kelsey Bailey joined in August of 2019