The Crocodile Players

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Who Are 'The Crocodile Players'?

'The Crocodile Players' (TCP) are the house ensemble for The Show Below at Crocodile in Wicker Park (Fridays/Saturday @ 9 PM). The group often works in conjunction with Honorary Degree and Big-Little Comedy. The group has been coached by Tim Stoltenberg (Second City TourCo.), Eric Muller (iO Chicago) and Rob Belushi (Second City Vegas / iO West). Individually, we've trained with iO Chicago, Annoyance Theatre and Second City Chicago.

What Do They Do?

Progressive long form improvisation (though we adhere to no current dogma, our style combines elements from all of the theaters we've studied at).

Where Have 'The Crocodile Players' Performed?

ComedySportzCongress Theater - Cornservatory - Crocodile - Donny’s Skybox Theatre - Gorilla Tango Theatre - The Playground - The Spot - StudioBE

Who’s in 'The Crocodile Players'?

Past Members: Keenan Camp and Ben Gettinger

Where Are They Now?

Mark Robinson, Travis Tack and Dan Wright all perform in SABOTAGE at iO Chicago (Saturday @ Midnight - Del Close Theater). Rob Speer is a member of Second City SongCo. and 'Thirsty' at The Apollo. Logan Dean recently produced his first revue ("Sketchtober").

Members of the group help manage the Ensemble Improv Program (EIP) at the Gorilla Tango Training Center, and can be seen performing at GTT with Supergroup and Hush Money. They are coached by Kevin Mullaney (Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre).

Fun Facts

-Several members of the ensemble met while studying with Susan Messing for an extended 4 month period.

-Some of the group's more calamitous exploits were documented in RE:COM Magazine (Issue #4).

-Audiences have been known to chant "CHOMP! CHOMP! CHOMP!" as the group takes the stage (this was created by Octavarius, who used to play at The Show Below, before setting up residence in ComedySportz).


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