The Convergence

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The Convergence was a UCBTNY Advanced Study Performance class taught by Kevin Hines. It ran on November 16, November 23, November 30, and December 7.


The Convergence is about connections. The show is made up of long scenes -- each featuring a small cast -- that seem to have nothing in common. These scenes weave around each other building to a climax, feeding into each other more and more until finally their hidden secrets and layers will show how they are all connected. But mostly you will laugh.


J.D. Amato, Adam Bozarth, Caitlin Brodnick, Alex Clothier, Steve Cronin, Katie East, TJ Del Reno, Shaun Diston, Shalyah Evans, Bridget Fitzgerald, Jesse Glasgow, Phil Jackson, Lisa Kleinman, Alexis Pereira, Steve Theiss, Zach Willis & Michelle Wolf