The Chrononauts

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The Chrononauts are an improv group that performs The Time Capsule. They imerged from the 600 class of the same name directed by Joe Wengert. The team consists of Benjamin Apple, Dave Bluvband, Nicole Drespel, Bridget Fitzgerald, Katey Healy-Wurzburg, Lauren Hunter, Danny Jolles, Miles Klee, Alan Starzinski and Katherine Toledo

Masters Of Time

The Chrononauts are Masters Of Time. That's what I said. They will take a suggestion of any year in time—past, present or future—and improvise a show that takes place entirely within those 365 days. That is what I said.

Show Highlights

1977 AD

  • Amish communities are devastated as adults leave in droves to go see Star Wars
  • Florida retirees move deeper into the Everglades and keep alligators as pets
  • Swedes are amazed as Americans appropriate disco music, which they invented 40 years earlier

1285 AD

  • Soldiers battling the forces of Kubla Kahn bear a striking resemblance to the cast of Star Trek
  • King John peer-pressured into signing the Magna Carta
  • A harrowing gondola ride for Marco Polo

1952 AD

  • Ordinary families are torn apart as their sexual infatuations with modern refrigerators and toasters intensify
  • Satan (Bluvband) makes deals with many humans, and buys all his suits at Brooks Brothers
  • Too-soon Holocaust humor in the Catskills

Charges Of Racism

Charges of racism against the Chrononauts are entirely founded. Asians are a frequent target.