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The Assembly Mexico is a mexican improv collective, which is the first international branch of the canadian improv collective The Assembly.


The Assembly Mexico was founded on 2018 by mexican teacher, coach and improviser Sara De Lille. De Lille was a member of Tobogán, an indie improv team, and sought advice from canadian improviser Rob Norman about how to grow a long form improv community in Mexico City, since the city's improv community revolves mainly around short form improv.

Norman connected De Lille with Martha Stortz, director of The Assembly, who helped launch the effort sharing the name, image and curriculum to The Assembly Mexico.

In june 2020, The Assembly Mexico launched its own podcast.


So far, The Assembly Mexico has two house teams: Tobogán and Capitán Gato.


Besides De Lille, The Assembly Mexico has staffed the following teachers: Francisco Antillón, Michael Miller and Luiz Rivera.