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Terry Jinn is an improviser based in New York City. His hometown is Cleveland, Ohio.

He is married to veteran NYC improviser Alexis Saarela.


Was a member of:


Produced and hosted the improv show The Project.

Produced the improv show Uno.

Performed at UCB Theatre in shows: The Real Real World, ASSSSCAT, Immortal Combat, The Adler Show, NeoTokyo GirlCrush 2040, Killgore, Robot TV, among others.

Directed several one-person and sketch shows at UCB Theatre.


Terry has made TV appearances on NBC's Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Conan O'Brien; Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn; and Channel 4 (UK)'s Graham Norton Show.

He has directed, shot and edited several series that appeared on Channel 101NY.

Enjoys citrus-based beverages.

Has a fondness for seals, which has not much more explanation other than they are really cute.

Since his 30th birthday, he has hosted an (at least) annual concert called Enormous Television. Named for his enormous television, it features Terry on guitar, an assortment of friends on other instruments. In the concert, many of his comedian friends take turns singing songs. It's a fun show.

Participated in the Improv Everywhere prank involving a Fake U2 rooftop concert.