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Teatro a Molla is an improvisational theatre company in Bologna, Italy. Since 2009 Teatro a Molla has produced year-round shows, held improv classes, and from 2012 to 2014 hosted Babylon International Improv Festival. It is currently registered as a non-profit association under Italian law.


Teatro a Molla was formed as a loose organization in 2007 by three former "Match" players: Antonio Vulpio, Antonio Contartese, and Luca Gnerucci. Antonio Vulpio was artistic director for many years, and he is also member of the Orcas Island Project, founded by Randy Dixon (Unexpected Productions[1]), which focuses on non-narrative improv. It has since expanded to five permanent members, with Daniele Mazzacurati and Ollie Rasini. Teatro a Molla was the first improv group in Italy to perform Theatresports[2], and continues to produce these shows in partnership with the International Theatresports Institute[3].

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