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The Tamale is a music improv form that was developed by Major 7th, and further used by Melodious Din and iMusical: The Improvised Musical.

  • After soliciting a suggestion, an improviser delivers a monologue inspired by the suggestion.
  • After a satisfying amount of time, the music director edits the monologue by playing music.
  • Another improviser initiates and sings two verses of a tagline song, inspired by the monologue.
  • After the second verse, two (or more) additional improvisers sweep edit into a one beat scenelette, inspired by the song, all while being underscored by vamping of the song.
  • The singer edits this scene (generally about 15 to 30 seconds in length), and sings the bridge.
  • Then two (or more) improvisers sweep edit again, and perform a second scenelette, again underscored with the song.
  • The monologist edits this scenelette (again, after about 30 seconds or so), and sings the first line of the last verse of the song.
  • Two other improvisers each sing one of the next two lines.
  • The entire cast sings the tagline, which then repeats and ends the Tamale.