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Should this be two pages? One for NY and one for LA? ~ Kevin Mullaney September 22, 2008


I say leave it as one, the individual theatres can be referenced within the article.


I mean in the future, UCB LA is going to have as much information as UCB NY and it will definitely be confusing. I can take care of it if you want. - Rob Stern

How do you post a new comment? Oh yeah.

I think NY and LA can be on the same page. I think the house teams should go elsewhere, however (there's already a UCB Harold Team page), and I find the organization a bit confusing. Any objections to moving or removing it?

We need a history section too. MichelleD

Harold Teams

I'm pro organization. Do your thing Michelle -Rob Stern

Harold v House Teams

Thanks Rob! However, there's a page for UCBT Harold Teams - should it be broader, as in UCBT House Teams? To include teams like Respecto and the Swarm? I defer to Mullaney on this. MichelleD