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A tag-out is a support move where a player from the backline tags on the shoulder (or waves off) one or more players in a scene, ending that scene.

Those who have been tagged are to return to the backline but those who were not tagged remain on stage, as the same characters, in a new situation.

Players who perform the tag-out are new characters.

A tag run or tag out run is a series of tag-outs performed in succession.

"I really like watching exploratory tags (where we kind of expand the world) because I feel like those can still surprise me, but I feel like most tag runs that just hit a game repeatedly get boring and really quick. I have also seen good ones of course, but is there something that separates successful from unsuccessful tag runs? What makes them work and lets you stay ahead of the audience."

–Stephen Perlstein, Improv Obsession[1]