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Swoon is an independent improv team, formed in September of 2009. The current members of Swoon are Aaron Jackson, Betsy Wilson, John Trowbridge, Rudy Behrens,Nathan Min, Joanna Bradley, John Townsend, and Adam Frankel.


Swoon is a collection of huge improv nerds. Members started taking classes at UCB in the Fall of 2008. Swoon formed out of three practice groups. Members are best known for their commitment to improv: numerous members are known to practice improv 10-12 hours/weekly and see 3+ shows a week. Swoon has been known to see Harold Night, Adsit and Gausas, Cagematch, Stepfathers and Roo Roo together each week. It's a committed, hardworking group.

In addition to the current members, Dante Russo, Charlie Socarides, and Jason Yeong were also members of the group, leaving in December of 2009. Manny Galvin was a group member until the Winter, 2010.

Swoon performed its first show at Under St. Marks in the Fall of 2009, opening for Sherpa.


For a year and a half, Swoon practiced 6 hours a week. They practiced on Monday and Friday nights with coaches Brian Glidewell, Kirk Damato, and David Seigel. Currently, Swoon practices on Friday nights with Tim Martin.


In its infancy, Swoon opened with an Opinion opening, taught by David Siegel. When the group was whittled down from 10 to 7, they switched to the Scene Painting opening. On a whim, Swoon tried doing a Pattern Game opening, and fell in love with it. Currently though, Swoon generally performs without an opening.