Swinging Door

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A swinging door is a form of edit in which a third player will momentarily interrupt the scene by grabbing and spinning one of the players already in the scene, offering a brief initiation, and then swinging the player back into the scene. The original scene is put on pause as the swinging door is performed and returns in the same place when the swinging door player leaves the stage.

The player performing the swinging door transports the first player to another time or place (usually the recent past, but this is not the only possibility). There, information is revealed that sheds new light on the current scene at hand or shows the comic results of a character's Game. A Swinging Door may also be used to ping-pong back and forth between two closely related situations. One very common use of the Swinging Door edit is to show the last pertinent piece of advice that a character received. A Swinging Door player may also provide the voice of conscience or temptation, like the Looney-Toons-style angel-or-devil-on-the-shoulder.