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This is a warmup exercise where the players form a circle. Each player in turn declares a their superhero name and says it in a way that demonstrates their power. "Captain Fists" (punches the air).

After each person declares their superhero personae. The first player repeats his/her name and power, then says someone else's name/power. That person will say his/her name and power and then say someone elses. So it goes like this:

  • Player 1: "Captain Fists. (punches air). Atomic Gardner (mimes hoeing rapidly)."
  • Player who is Atomic Gardner: "Atomic Gardner. (mimes hoeing rapidly) Backpack of Lightning (makes lightning bolt sound)"
  • Player who is Backpack of Lightning: "Backpack of lightning (lightning bolt sound). Camera Man (says 'click')."

Repeat until tired.


To be silly. To make individual choices. To listen and remember other people's choices.


Once everyone has a superhero, two people start saying their name so there are two "threads" being passed around at once.

Or, everyone picks two superheroes so there's more to remember.

Or, instead of superheroes, you say any silly combination of a phrase and gesture. "Gimmie some pancakes (gobbling noise)."