Summer Fridays

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Summer Fridays is a mostly twice monthly show hosted by Thank You, Robot at Under St. Marks in New York City.

The show, started in June 2008, alternates Fridays with a separate show, hosted by Rogue Elephant, in the same 10:30 pm time slot.

TYR took the slot over from previous UCB Theater house teams fwand and Tantrum.

Each show has been teched thus far by Katey Healy-Wurzburg, and all the music she has selected has been excellent. Summer Fridays is notable for persisting in the seasonal nomenclature even after the season changed, and for being one of the few Under St. Marks-held improv shows to consistently have pre-written hosting sketches.

Thank You, Robot is very enthusiastic about getting new practice groups on stage, and helping the improv comedy community grow. If you want to have a Summer Friday you should email


  • The alternate name for this show "SuperJuice," was voted down 5-2.
  • Tantrum performed their last show at Summer Fridays. Thank You, Robot debuted at a Tantrum show, and Tantrum shared their last show with Thank You, Robot.