Sue Galloway

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Sue Galloway is an actress and writer who lives in New York City. NYC theater: Homebody (one woman show, writer - UCB), Free To Be Friends (co-writer and performer - UCB, NY Fringe), Beaver (Horsetrade Theater Company), Rosemary with Ginger (Actors Studio), The Basset Table (HERE). Television: 30 Rock (NBC), Babylon Fields (CBS), Fat Guy Stuck In Internet (Adult Swim), Munchies (Fuse), and The Nighttime Clap (Fuse). Past shows and groups at UCB include: The Real Real World, After School Super Power Hour, Jackiejesu, Trillion, Grenade vs. Washing Machine, Nancy Reagan, Renegade 77, 1985 and several appearances at Maude Night. She plays guitar, occasionally drums, and writes music in the band Stickerbook. She can also currently be seen in several national commercials, as well as performing improv with The Law Firm at UCB Theater. Sue is also a freelance joke writer for SNL's Weekend Update and a lifetime member of the Actors Studio.

Hometown: Malvern, PA