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Suck my Dick began in a 600-level class taught by Shannon O'Neill in the Spring of 2009. It consisted of sixteen kick-ass improvisors, who happen (what?) to be female. The class developed their two signature forms - Pushed Down the Stairs and the character-driven Who the Hell are You? and performed to great success Tuesday nights in April-May 2009 at UCBT.


Sixteen improvisors who just happen to have ladyparts:

Beth Appel

Bridget Carroll

Mackenzie Condon

Michelle Dobrawsky

Nicole Drespel

Becky Ferreira

Bridget Fitzgerald

Ashley Hale

Bethany Hall

Abbi Jacobson

Meara Levezow

Dawn Luebbe

Rachael Mason

Dana Patton

Anna Rubanova

Heather Rush

Indie shows

Suck my Dick will be competing against Rooster on February 13, 2010 in the CHOMPetition. (There's a cock theme. Get it?) Suck my Dick will be hosting shows at Under St. Marks this summer with special guest groups.


  • Suck my Dick started a weekly baked-goods tradition in class and now are likely to commemorate special occasions with custom designed baked goods. Ashley Hale followed our last show with a fabulous Suck my Dick Cake. Other goodies have included Boobie Cupcakes, Manatee Cookies, and Snickerdoodles.
  • Another warmup popularized by the group was "Roll that Body."