Stomping Ground

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Stomping Ground was an independent improv team in New York City. Sean Taylor founded this team and named it, despite Kevin Hines's desire to call it Sean Taylor's All-Stars.


Founding Members: Chris Butler, Kevin Cragg, Sharif Corinaldi, Sean Taylor, Marian Rosin, Kevin Hines

Erik Tanouye joined about 2 months later.

Roughly a year later Bob Acevedo, Tony Carnevale, and Brian Waddell joined to replace Kevin and Erik.

Stomping Ground 2.0

On July 1, 2004, Carnevale and Taylor, then hosts of the weekly variety show Variety Underground, decided to form improv teams and "fight" each other "Cagematch-style" in an event they called "Thunderdome II." The two teams, formed specifically for this match, were The New Beatles (Andrew Dickerson, Deanna Fleysher, Chris Schneider, and Dave Thunder) and the A-Rods (Sharif Corinaldi, Alan Fessenden, Jeff Scherer, Andrew Scully and Becky Yamamoto).

Following this epic battle, Carnevale and Taylor formed a new iteration of Stomping Ground from its ashes, sometimes referred to a Stomping Ground 2.0. The members of this group were Sean Taylor, Tony Carnevale, Andy Scully, Dave Thunder, Alan Fessenden, Jeff Scherer and Becky Yamamoto. Their director was Dan Goldstein.