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(Cast Members / Notable Alumni)
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*[[Steven Yeun]] ('Walking Dead')
*[[Steven Yeun]] ('Walking Dead')
[[Neal Dandade]] - [[Amrita Dhaliwal]] - [[Avery Lee]] - [[Harrison Pak]] - [[Jasbir Singh]] - [[Mary Sohn]] - [[Ranjit Souri]] - [[Freddie Sulit]]
[[Kannan Arumugam]] - [[Neal Dandade]] - [[Amrita Dhaliwal]] - [[Avery Lee]] - [[Jasbir Singh]] - [[Mary Sohn]]

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'Stir Friday Night' is an Asian-American improv theatre company.

Cast Members / Notable Alumni

Kannan Arumugam - Neal Dandade - Amrita Dhaliwal - Avery Lee - Jasbir Singh - Mary Sohn


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