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This form was created in Tucson, AZ by Street-Prov Theater Collective while exploring alternative formats for its show. It is named after Steven Aleck, a member of SPTC around whom the form officially revolved. Originally, the form held a strict cast of three people, with each person performing the same role in every show. Steven Aleck played Steve, Anthony Fama played Brain, and Boris Glebov played Everyone Else.

The idea came about from the fact that in real life, Anthony frequently encouraged Steve to do outrageous and uncivil things. This dynamic was preserved in the show. Boris joined the format to provide a more physical backdrop of other characters. It was thought that having a full cast in support would drown out the relationship between Steve and his Brain.

Steve v. Brain relied on fast action that was bordering on frenetic and surreal.


Steve v. Brain has been referred to as "a one-person show with three people in it." This is because Steve is the only character that was ground and real.

The form basically consists of a single scene in one location. There are three characters:

Steve - he is a reasonable and grounded person around whom all the action revolves.

Brain - Steve's brain. Brain was never physically present in scenes, existing only as a voiceover. In contrast to Steve's own rationality, Brain was outlandish, unhinged, and paranoid. It goes through extreme emotional swings, and constantly pushes and bullies Steve into doing things he normally wouldn't do. Brain can only be heard by Steve - Everyone Else is completely unaware of it.

Everyone Else - multiple characters played by one person. Everyone Else usually represented all that is absurd and ridiculous in the society that Steve has to deal with, frequently justifying Brain's paranoia.