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After several unsuccessful attempts at filmmaking, screenwriting, stand up and/or tap dancing, Steve started his improv training at Second City in New York. He started his long form training at UCB where he also wrote wrote and performed in several sketch comedy reviews such as Famous People Are Assholes and Vincent Price, Jr. Presents….

He has also writen and/or performed in several of UCB's Dirtiest Sketch Show in NYC sketches (including one sketch entitled "Gee, Your Penis Taste Different" and one where the last line of the sketch was, "I said sit on my face").

He has performed in Armando Diaz’s Evente’, the short form shows of Clocked and Improvisers Must Be Punished, in the improv groups Cooter, Fickle and with the groundbreaking erotic improv group Foreplay, which performed at the 8th annual Chicago Improv Festival and the Del Close Marathon. He also wrote and performed a one-man show, Weiner’s and Losers and is currently working on his second one-man show, ...And I Wonder Why I'm Single.

Steve is currently a member of the improv group Fickle which recently performed at the Toronto Improv Festival and is currently performing the SITCOM format.