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Steakhouse is a UCB Lloyd Team created in Spring 2016 with the starter name TUSCON. Its current roster consists of Sabrina Cartagena, Jacob Davis, Bailey Edwards, Arti Gollapudi, Max Knoblauch, Harry Marker, Alise Morales, and Sam Naismith.

Publicly the secret enemies of the Lloyd team Blush, Steakhouse focuses on finding strong games early and also making every scene about Sam's character no matter what.

Social Media

Steakhouse's Instagram account is run by Sam Naismith and should not be looked at.

2016 Rivalry with Blush

In April 2016, Steakhouse and the Lloyd team Blush became enemies. This was a hidden, undercover team decision initiated by Max and Steakhouse was the aggressor and they always acknowledged this secretly and it was quietly regarded as a very good secret move by the community.