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Starband is a longform improv comedy duo that performs in New York City. They recently went on a cross country road trip, where they performed in Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago. They also were long standing winners at UCB Theatre's I Got Next Competition, but were defeated by Eric Scott and a Wig Stool. They perform monoscenes and often switch off and play each other's characters.


They were formed when a meteor crashed to earth in central park and were the only two people who noticed it. They both went to take a closer look and ran into one another. Then suddenly from the meteor a form of radiation started to emit causing both men to have the ability to bicker with one another and do really good improv. Or they started performing at Improdome together and play well together. YOU DECIDE!


Dave Bluvband

Alan Starzinski

Other group overlap

Alan and Dave are both on Fat Penguin together.

Dave is also in Iron Ruckus.

Alan is the founder of a team called Boyztown. They have never had a show or practiced.