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The St. Louis Rams are a New York City based longform improv team and the hosts of the Indie Improv Showcase at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Chelsea.


Matt Czap, Julien Darmoni, Carly Earl, Jen Staben, Alex Starbuck and Jeff Walsh

Indie Improv Showcase

The St. Louis Rams were named the hosts of a monthly showcase at UCBNY of some of New York's up and coming indie improv teams.

Some teams that joined The St. Louis Rams on the UCB Chelsea stage included: Cunt Dracula, Sam's Club, Zuko, Very Nice People, Big Hot Mess, Darcy, Affirmative Action, PartyDads, Seyonce, Judith, Supervixen, Thistle, Distance


11/3/2016 - The St. Louis Rams vs Rumpleteaser

The St. Louis Rams had the honor of performing before one of the greatest improv audiences in the world in Cagematch at UCB Chelsea.

It was a hilarious battle between two great teams but, in the end, The St. Louis Rams fell to Rumpleteaser, who claimed victory for the 5th time in a row.

Score: St. Louis Rams (59) - Rumpleteaser (116)

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