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Spooky Ghost is a New York City based Lloyd Team at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. They were one of the original four Lloyd Teams, and the first team to audition together and get placed as a complete team. They perform harolds on Lloyd Night at the UCB East Theatre. Their first show was April 4, 2012.


April 2011: Ben Warheit, John Trowbridge, Joanna Bradley, Matt Dennie, Hunter Nelson, Molly Gaebe, Alex French, Josh Sharp

They began as a harold-focused indie team and for some time hosted a weekly improv show in the dingy basement of The Triple Crown.

On April 26, 2012 they battled Airwolf in Cage Match. They performed a Bat to a packed house, and though they lost, the critical reception was tremendous with highlights including a talking capybara and Trowbridge's mouthbreathing Jeremy character.


  • Alex French speaks 8 languages.
  • At the time they were made a house team at UCB, only two other indie teams in the history of the theater had been made Harold teams in their entirety out of independent groups: Reuben Williams and The Law Firm.
  • Alex French never received a call from Nate after auditions, it is unclear if he is an official member or just a regularly performing guest.