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The Spokane is a longform. It is sometimes referred to as the Family Guy, Pretty Flower, or the Delicate Flower.


The Spokane got its name because its structure resembles the spokes extending out from the hub of a wheel. It begins like a Monoscene: a suggestion is solicited from the audience, and a scene then commences that cannot be sweep-edited. Once this scene has been established, however, the use of tag edits is permitted to explore short tangential games or scenes. Each of these tangents is eventually swept edited, which returns the action to the source scene. These tangents can be thought of as the "spokes" extending out from the central hub of the source scene. In this way, the Spokane is a Monoscene in chapters, periodically broken up by short Montages.

The tangent sections often lend themselves to faster, goofier play a la tag runs or character games. The source scene is a counterbalance to this, as it is commonly taught as a more grounded, slow-moving section of the show. This combination makes for a pretty interesting form.


Sentimental Lady of UCB LA has used this form. Fancy Man in New York City performs a modified version of the Spokane that they have properly entitled the "Fancy McManus." This replaces the source scene with a idea generator-group scene hybrid in which the ensemble plays themselves.

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