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Spike Friedman (b. October 26, 1985) performed on the indie team Whiskerbliss and the Harold Team Raynard, where he earned a reputation as a consistently supportive, subtle player. He grew up in Seattle and Los Angeles, and loves all Seattle sports teams. Currently he lives in Seattle, integrally involved with a theatre group that he and his friends founded at Williams. He currently performs with Funbucket at Jet City Improv.

In his own words:

"Spike has performed improv on and off since the fourth grade. His early work included some really great scenes set at Disneyland. More recently, he performed with Combo Za and the Department of Homeland Security at Williams College. Most recently, he has studied at the UCB Theatre with such awesome teachers as Anthony King, Chris Gethard, Peter Gwinn, Billy Merrit, and Christina Gausas among others. He is so excited to be playing with Raynard. Finally, to answer your question, his mom gave him the nickname Spike when he was born, and no, he did not give it to himself because of a lifelong obsession with Spike Lee's gritty take on urban life in America. Honest."