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  • The Annoyance is a Chicago based theatre & improv training center. Metro, and “form” because we were performing other various original improv forms at another venue. It wasn’t until we formally rented a space in 198
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  • The Chicago Improv Festival is now accepting submissions for CIF 15 which will take place Apri ...your team/act is from outside of Chicago and $25 if your team/act is from Chicago. It can be paid by check, money order or paypal.
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  • ...ner [[Charna Halpern]], which outlines techniques now common to [[longform improv]] and describes the overall structure of “[[The Harold]]” which remains ...[[Compass Players]] in St. Louis, Missouri. When most of the cast moved to Chicago in 1959 to help form [[The Second City]], Close instead moved to [[New York
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  • The 9th Annual Phoenix Improv Festival (PIF) will be held April 15-17, 2010 at The Herberger Theatre Cent ...all over the state of Arizona. The Festival is produced by CareFree Write Productions (CFWP), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. This organization looks to serve
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  • ...ncisco Improv Festival]] The [[Chicago Improv Festival]] and The [[Toronto Improv Festival]] ...t of spontaneous performance beyond what might be expected at the usual “improv” shows. Unlike most groups, Revolving Madness takes no suggestions from t
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  • ...nd Auditorium made her a two time Grand Champion of Troika, a Philly based improv competition. ...forms weekly shows at The Actor's Center. Before coming to PHIT she taught improv for Delaware Theater Company, Drexel University, and The Actor's Center.
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  • ...enced the first generation of improvisational actors at the Second City in Chicago in the late 1950s, through her son, Paul Sills, who was one of Second City' ...nt worker (from 1924 - 1927), studying at Neva Boyd's Group Work School in Chicago. Boyd's innovative teaching in the areas of group leadership, recreation, a
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  • ...das]], [[Veal]], [[The Made-Up Musical]], [[Gusto]] as well as the musical improv classes at the [[Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre]] and [[Magnet Theater]]. ...ctor for productions such as Nunsense (all incarnations), A Chorus Line, [[Chicago City Limits]], and several original musicals.
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  • In 1948, Paul enrolled in the University of Chicago, where he established himself as a director, founding the university's firs ...ed Broadway and Off Broadway productions. Paul opened the Story Theater in Chicago in July 1968. He was co‑founder of Compass Players, as well as The Game T
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  • Actual title was "The Del Close Memorial Longform Improv Marathon." It ran from 8 PM on Friday, June 11th to 2 AM on Sunday, June 1 ...ongform Improv hosted by [[Baron's Barracuda]] (the first Harold team at [[Improv Olympic]])
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  • ...d, the theater also offers children's programs, fundraising benefit shows, improv masters classes and customized comedy shows for corporations and other grou *3209 N Halsted, Chicago, IL 60657
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  • ...ts]]. His own [[The Monday Night Musical]] enjoyed a run at the [[Peoples Improv Theater]], and he was a founding member of the group [[I Eat Pandas]]. with [[Washington Improv Theater]], creating such shows as [[iMusical: The Improvised Musical]].
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  • ...forming at Source (formerly, The Source Theater), along with the other WIT productions. ...ce suggestion. They have performed to standing ovations at the [[Baltimore Improv Festival]] and the [[Del Close Marathon]] (Upright Citizens Brigade Theater
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  • ...rnament is a 7 day performance festival that showcases some of the best in improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy from all over the country. Now in it’s 7th y ...owcase our fair city, to enrich our local populace as well as the national improv community through open workshops and instruction from leaders in the indust
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  • ...inment for Hawaii audiences. The festival raised the profile of the Hawaii improv scene and inspired new improvisers to start their own acts. The one night e ...on presenting improv as theatre and providing information to the public on improv classes being taught around Oahu.
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  • ==Other Productions== ...using the adjacent room idea, and those guys have spread it out among the improv world), is the idea that all the scenes are taking place in the same genera
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  • ...ollege Improv Teams|collegiate improvisation]] curated by [[Chicago Improv Productions]]. It began in 2007. ...eventual winner of this final round is invited to perform in the [[Chicago Improv Festival]].
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  • ...aturing improv and sketch comedy). The Show Below was established in 2009. Productions have been managed by Eric Rutherford, Leah Eva, [[Travis Tack]] and [[Logan Chicago, IL 60622
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  • ...took place October 4th to October 9th, 2011 at Uncle Fatty's Rum Resort in Chicago, Illinois. $10,000 in prize money was awarded to three teams: *[[pH Productions]]
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  • Founded in 2006, Gorilla Tango (GTT) is a theater located on the west side of Chicago (in the Wicker Park / Bucktown neighborhood). ...d 'Temple of Boobs: An Indiana Jones Burlesque'). They also staged several productions of "Acro-cats" (a show featuring acrobatic cats).
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  • An Improv Theatre in Chicago, home to Corn Productions (and '[[ImprovGladiators]]'). [[Category:Chicago]]
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  • Erin Lane is a performer and director living in Chicago. ...l]] and [[Chicago Sketchfest]] on several occasions. She studied with [[iO Chicago]], [[The Second City]] Conservatory and [[Jimmy Carrane]].
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  • ...y Jaksha. The group performed regularly at [[Crocodile]] and the [[Chicago Improv Festival]]. [[Category:Improv Groups]]
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  • ...or Zombie Army Productions. Previously, Tina was a member of Goldstar [[iO Chicago]] and the sketch group [[BoomerangTango]] In May, 2017, Jackson opened Bexar Stage, an improv theater and school, in San Antonio, Texas.
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  • ...has worked with the theater, as both a performer and director, on several productions (including "Whitewater for Chocolate" with [[Scott Adsit]]). [[Category:Chicago]]
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  • ...well as Kim's departure to Chicago for advanced training, in 2013 EndGames Improv was reincorporated under a Board of Directors composed of the community's m ...distinct tradition of narrative improvised theater was developed at [[BATS Improv]], then further refined by Un-Scripted Theater Company, which performs narr
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  • *[[Blank Slate Improv]] - Washington D.C. *[[Happy Karaoke Fun Time]] - NYC/Chicago
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