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Sock: An Improvised Puppet Show is an original longform improv structure performed in New York City. The show follows a Harold format as performed by puppets. The puppeteers are in full view of the audience, much like the musical Avenue Q, however all action and dialog is directed through the puppets.


Sock debuted on the Magnet Theater stage to a sold-out crowd on February 1st, 2009. Since then, Sock has booked future shows on various indie stages, as well as secured a short run at the Magnet.


Corinne Allarde, Sam Bradford, Frank Hejl, Louie Pearlman, Michael Short, Douglas Smith, and John Robert Wilson. Ex-members include Lauren Lapkus & Jennifer Sanders.


Sock was directed by Amey Goerlich with assistance by Marcus Bishop Wright and Kirk Damato.


A video of their debut Magnet Theater show can be seen on YouTube in three parts.