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SidViscous is a longform improv group that performs in New York City. They are a house team at the PIT, and all their members have been trained at that theater. SidViscous has performed the Harold, the monoscene, and the deconstruction, among other improv long forms.


SidViscous was originally cast by the PIT's ensemble committee in January, 2007. Since then they have performed regularly as part of the theater's Super Free Wednesday lineup. Their name was voted into existence unanimously by team members after 4 hours of otherwise fruitless brainstorming. They were almost going to be named "Pizza and The Gang".


SidViscous currently consists of Jacob Brown, Alex Farlow, Kevin Gottlieb, Keith Huang, Desiree Nash, James Rich, Mandy Schmieder, and Phil Wells. Past members have been Liz Hope and Kathryn Reynolds.


Past coaches have included Matt Donnelly, Kimmy Gatewood, Ptolemy Slocum, Kurt Braunohler, Mark Grenier, Rebekka Johnson, Kevin Scott, Jay Rhoderick, Scott Eckert, Nate Starkey, and Pat Shay.

Other group overlap


SidViscous has performed at the following improv and comedy festivals:

SidViscous is scheduled to perform at the Philadelphia Improv Festival in 2008.