Seven Fights

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A sketch show starring and written by Matt DeCoster and Will Hines. Directed by Dyna Moe. Also featuring Kevin Hines in all the inconsequential parts.


  1. Harpooned
  2. 100 Pin Bowling
  3. Flashlight
  4. Church of Scientifictology
  5. Crunchy vs. Creamy (film)
  6. Oxygen Destroyer
  7. Des Moines (monologue)
  8. Sweaty T-Shirt
  9. Huge Slingshot

Legend of Riddick

Matt and Will wrote this sketch show in 2004. They performed it in the Red Room as "The Legend of Riddick," a supposed sequel to the just-released "Chronicles of Riddick." The audience was five of their friends (Kevin Hines, Jackie Clarke, Brett Gelman, Dyna Moe, and Elliot Kalan). Rob Lathan was there, but that doesn't count because he was in the show. Jeff Campbell teched it.

To pad the thin house, Rob Lathan and Kevin Hines rounded up drunk people from the KGB Bar on the floor below. A tactical error that took a turn for the hilarious as the drunks complained loudly, took cellphone calls and gave a running commentary on the show as it progressed. Gelman shushed one of the more aggressive backtalkers and almost got into a fist-fight with a drunk lady. After the show, said drunk lady told Will that someone in the audience was rude to her and theorized he must have been related to him since he was laughing at things that weren't even funny. Then she admitted that "Shitty Buddha" was "pretty good" and they should consider doing a show at Knuckleheads on Staten Island. Someday they will.

Dyna told them for years afterwards that "Huge Slingshot" was the best sketch she'd ever seen, so they asked her to direct it when they revived it in 2007.

Riddick Lineup

  1. Silent Bank Heist
  2. 100 Pin Bowling
  3. Flashlight
  4. Shitty Buddha
  5. Time Sheriff
  6. Oxygen Destroyer
  7. Sweaty T-Shirt
  8. Huge Slingshot
  9. The Legend of Riddick