Seth Lind

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Seth Lind is a member of the NYC-based independent improv team Thank You, Robot. He has studied with instructors including Chris Gethard, Zach Woods, Peter Gwinn, Christina Gausas, Charlie Todd and Joe Wengert.

He also occasionally performs duo improv with Jeremy Bent as Bent/Lind - or as their alter egos, former Las Vegas lounge hosts Roger Davenport & Tony Strothers.

Seth hosts the monthly storytelling show Told at Under St. Mark's Theater, where Thank You, Robot also presents their long-running show Summer Fridays.

Seth is production manager for the public radio program This American Life. He was cinematographer and co-producer of a 2004 documentary film about Bernie Worrell, the eccentric genius keyboardist of Parliament-Funkadelic and Talking Heads.

Seth was born in the small iron range town of Virginia, Minnesota on January 25th, 1979. He has a pacemaker but no known allergies. One of his goals is to find a very, very large frog in the wild and to develop a private language that only he and the frog know.

Hobbies include curling, drawing and touching John Robert Wilson's face with his greasy fingers.