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Search Engine Improv (SEI)


Founded in Rochester in 2009 by NYC ex-patriot, Broadway actor and SUNY Brockport Improvisational Theatre Professor, Law Tarello; from Boston, Graduate of University of Rochester and Executive board member on the League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling, Callid Keefe-Perry. Soon after it's inception SEI added Chicago native and member of famed windy city theatre company - iO (Improv Olympic), John Forrest Thompson. All of whom performed individually in other local improv groups before finding each other. They have been performing locally consistently for the past year and a half. Including Co-Headlining City Newspapers Improv portion of the 1st Annual Cultural Crawl.

In addition Search Engine offers adult Improv Intensives, Workshops and Classes that they themselves teach as well as bringing in guest instructors from all over North America. Locally SEI can be seen at their current home theater The Space: A Venue for the Performing Arts - in the Hungerford Building... 1115 East Main St. Door 2-Floor 2. [2]

Three man comedy team Search Engine Improv (SEI) combines the best of Chicago and New York City styles of Long-Form improvised performance. Constantly working to develop not only their skills of improvisation, but also innovative approaches to performance, SEI creates uniquely styled shows and formats, each an exciting exploration of ways that long-form improvisation can be used to create compelling (and hilarious) theatre.

Having toured extensively SEI has made a name for itself and helped put Rochester on the map of the national improv scene. Search Engine Improv is Cal Keefe-Perry, Law Tarello, & John Forrest Thompson. New shows every first Friday and Saturday of the month. For show, workshop and class schedule and further information or to book SEI for your own private event or class visit