Sean Conroy

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Sean Conroy

Sean Conroy is a performer and improv teacher at the UCBT. He started in New York and is now in Los Angeles. Sean is a long-suffering New York Knick supporter who is flabbergasted by the James Dolan era.

During the period after UCB had been kicked out of their 22nd Street space and before they found their 26th Street one, they bounced between a number of theaters, including the Chelsea Playhouse. This theater featured a large balcony above the stage accessible by a backstage staircase, that many performers used during their shows. Conroy inexplicably hung from and then jumped off of the stage during one show, breaking his leg. For many months he had to wear a cartoonishly large air cast and was often forced to explain, shamefully, how he had injured himself.


Sean was a founding member of the The Swarm.


Sean is an accomplished solo performer and stand-up comic.