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Sea Tea Improv is a professional comedy company in Hartford, CT.

Sea Tea Improv was founded as an improv group in 2009 by Summar Elguindy, Joe Leonardo, Greg Ludovici, Julia Pistell, Dan Russell, and Kate Sidley. The founding members formed a company: Sea Tea Improv, LLC. The improv group was expanded several times via auditions to include more members.

Sea Tea Improv Studios

In 2011, Sea Tea Improv, LLC began teaching their own improv comedy classes and then opened Sea Tea Improv Studios, a training center / rehearsal space, in 2012. In 2015, Sea Tea Improv Studios expanded from 4 rooms to 8. In 2019, Sea Tea Improv Studios moved to a new location above Sea Tea Comedy Theater.

Hartford Improv Festival

In 2014, Sea Tea Improv, LLC held the first annual Hartford Improv Festival, also known as HIF. In 2019, the 7 founding members of Sea Tea Improv performed together as the Sea Tea Improv Founders at the Hartford Improv Festival.

Sea Tea Comedy Theater

In 2016, Sea Tea Improv, LLC opened Sea Tea Comedy Theater, Connecticut's first dedicated comedy theater. The theater has 80 seats, a bar, and is located in downtown Hartford, Connecticut.

With the opening of the theater, the Sea Tea Improv group became two distinct groups, the Sea Tea Improv Ensemble and the Sea Tea Improv Touring Company. Sea Tea Improv Ensemble was a renaming & continuation of the original Sea Tea Improv group as a Sea Tea Comedy Theater house team. In 2018, the Sea Tea Improv Ensemble house team ended.

Sea Tea Comedy Theater has shows every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and has over 100 regular performers in its house improv teams and other regular shows.

Sea Tea Improv Touring Company

The Sea Tea Improv Touring Company is available for hire for improv comedy shows & workshops, and has regular shows at Sea Tea Comedy Theater, including the weekly All-Ages Family Show.

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