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Manhattan College Improvisation group

Scatterbomb was founded in 2004 and continues to perform today. They perform long form improv, with their primary form being a La Ronde with the occasional break for a Montage or other various forms. The members consists of students at Manhattan College who are accepted by the current members and then must unfortunately leave upon graduation (Exceptions being made only for members who are grad students still attending Manhattan College). They regularly perform at their home theater of Hayden 100 at Manhattan College, but they also have done show exchanges with other colleges in the past. They have also performed in the the National College Improv Tournament, at Creek and Cave in Long Island City and in the Del Close Marathon.

2014-2015 lineup consists of:

Andrew Baumgartner, Brendan Goggins, Gavin Sass, Tyler White, Mary-Kate Kelly, Carolyn Egan, Robert Liberto, Sam Martin, Drew Murphy, Rachel Salcedo, Angela Benevenia and Danielle Valachovic.

Directed by Owen Burke, Anthony King, Amey Goerlich, Joe Spellman, Kirk Damato, Morgan Phillips, Tarik Davis