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Sarah Nowak is an actress and comedian from New York, performing regularly at The People's Improv Theater. She began her improv career with Comedysportz in Buffalo, NY, and after completing the Second City of Toronto Conservatory Program, moved to New York City and joined The Pit when it was still in its early stages.

Her improv teams while living in New York include Jesus Chrysler, Fancy Dragon, Team Fernandez, Chicken Ranch, Sid Viscous!, Best New Artist, The Strange Box Of Doctor Oddbody, The Faculty, and The Baldwins. She is a regular performer at The Scene and has performed character pieces at different showcases including Total Requesty and Overload the Machine.

She was one of the original hosts of New Team Lunacy, one of the longest running improv jams in the city.

She is also performed in sketch shows like The Second City of NY showcase revue The Spoils, The Nefarious Popes, As Sparks Fly Upward and currently the Pit house sketch team National Scandal.