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SMIRK is a longform improv team based in New York City. Its members met over the course of 2007 and 2008 in classes at UCBT and the Magnet Theater.


SMIRK is directed by the incomparable Russ Armstrong of Magnet Theater house team Statues of Liberty.


  • SMIRK was named in the smallest rehearsal room at Champions Studios on 39th street.
  • SMIRK is an angst-ridden, emotionally turbulent group.
  • SMIRK prefers to capitalize its name, but is cool about it.
  • SMIRK appeared in 18 shows over the course of its first 12 weeks as a performance group.
  • SMIRK will remain when all else is lost.
  • SMIRK is an official all-time champion of the Magnet Inferno and one of only three teams to ever be retired from the competition.
  • Terry Withers is a wanted criminal and Alan Starzinski plans on cashing that bounty in.



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