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Group History

Rory and Craig are Rory Panagotopulos and Craig Rowin, a sketch duo. They make web videos and perform a live stage show at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC.

They met in in their Sophomore year at Connecticut College in their long form improv group The Scuds. In addition to performing with their improv group, they began a comedy radio show called "Rory and Craig's Old Timey Radio Show," that featured improvised scenes based off suggestions from call-in radio listeners.

Senior year they bought a website ([1]) and began posting videos on youtube. They also worked on a joint film project senior year called Northbroughm Science[2], which was influenced by the movies of Savage Steve Holland.

Since graduating, they have hosted a TV show for mtvU, called Lessons Learned [3], created a show for Channel 101:NY, with Damian Chadwick, called Beyond Fact [4], and perform a stage show at UCBTNY called Rory & Craig: Our Internet Knowledge [5].