Rory & Craig: Our Internet Knowledge

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A sketch show starring and written by Rory Panagatopulos and Craig Rowin. Directed by John Frusciante.

Show Summary

Rory and Craig have spent hours on the internet. Scams, porn and Wikipedia...these guys have seen it all. Now you can see it all, in their show.

Each participant in this show will wear one wig.* *Number of wigs subject to change.

Show History

Rory and Craig did a Spank in April 2008 at the UCB Theater of a show called Rory and Craig: Create Your Own History. The show was a compilation of sketches from a sketch class at UCB with Charlie Sanders (who also directed the show). The show was insane. The last sketch was a full peyote trip, taking place in a office setting. This did not lead to a run of shows at the UCB theater.

Rory and Craig kept many of the sketches, threw out many (including, of course, the peyote sketch) and created Our Internet Knowledge.

Charlie Sanders had to bow out of directing duties, and John Frusciante took over for their July 2008 Spank.

The show ran from August to November 2008.


1. Wikipedia Lesser Known Facts #1 -- The Big Bopper

2. Barry-Drinkwater-is-a-Queerodon

3. Time Traveling George Washington

4. Wikipedia Lesser Known Facts #2 -- Simon and Garfunkel

5. Tonic Selling Robot

6. Sully's Vintage Pornography (Video Sketch)

7. Funny Diego (Mexican "Weird" Al)

8. Wikipedia Lesser Known Facts #3 -- DMX

Note: "Time Traveling George Washington" was not in the original version of Our Internet Knowledge. It replaced a sketch called "Scam Brothers," which involved two scam artists giving their closing argument at a trial. The George Washington sketch was also performed in Create Your Own History.