Rob Stern

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From Chappaqua, NY. Rob Stern performs improv with his groups KnifeStorm and Party Lights. He has studied under Zach Woods, Joe Wengert, Charlie Todd, Chris Gethard, Shannon O'Neill, Rebekka Johnson, Scott Eckert, Tom Ridgely and Ali Farahnakian. He is a former member of Fat Penguin.

Alternate Bio

Rob Stern was an improviser back in the 1920's. He was a real dewdropper, but still found time to goof at the petting pantry. Always in his glad rags, he was a real cut-up whenever he got on stage, performing with his group the "Rummy Jews" in all the top gin-joints in the city. He studied under the 20's improv greats, "Fats" Kerisworth, and Jim "Fart penis" Oglesbee. He has boxed with both Roosevelt and Taft.