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Riley Soloner (born January 26, 1988) is an improviser based in New York City. Riley has studied at UCB under Ari Voukydis, Kevin Hines, Gavin Speiller, Curtis Gwinn, Chelsea Clarke, and Michael Delaney. He also wrote one great sketch and a couple of okay ones in a Sketch 101 class taught by Neil Casey. Riley saw his first improv show at UCB (An ASSSSCAT with Anthony Atamanuik providing monologues) during a vacation to New York in May, 2008. This one show set off a spark that ignited his passion in improv. Just five short months later, Riley had moved across the country from his hometown in Albany, California to a cartoonishly small room in an apartment in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. He recalls having more reasons to move to New York than just "improv" before he moved, but at this point he doesn't remember what any of them could have been.

Riley's first UCB Harold Team was Mr. Crime, formed on June 8, 2011. From March 28 to September 20 2012, he was a member of GoodGirl. As of September 20, he is a member of Rocks. He is also a member of the indie teams Boy Butter and The Shucks, and one half of the improv duo O Boy B with Mitchell Stephen Fesh "Robot" Riley has been UCBW's Cage Match referee since January 2011.