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Rhoda is a sketch group from New York City. They host and headline "Sketch and The City" at The City at Broadway Comedy Club. The members of Rhoda met at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in 2008 and have been writing and performing together since August 2008. In addition to The City, they've performed at Liquid Courage at UCB and at Variety Underground.


Rhoda's writers are Leila Cohan, Halina Newberry Grant, Jocelyn Guest, and Abigail Murphy


Rhoda sketches have been performed by Leila Cohan, Angela Fallon, Halina Newberry Grant, Jocelyn Guest, Michelle Markowitz, and Abigail Murphy


Rhoda is directed by Julie Klausner


Rhoda news can be found on the group's Facebook page as well as their Tumblr.