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Raynard was a New York City based Harold Team at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. They performed during Harold Night from August 21, 2007 to April 8, 2008.


John Adam, Rob Cuthill, Spike Friedman, Aaron Glaser, Hallie Haglund, Zhubin Parang, Amber Petty, Will Storie

Amber Petty previously performed with Creep and moved on to perform with Bangs. After a year off of Harold Night, Zhubin Parang and Will Storie returned on the new team, The Bishop.


Anthony Atamanuik


  • Intro: consistently rotated, ultimately centering on "Story of a Girl" by Nine Days.
  • Outro: "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" by Crosby, Stills and Nash.


  • Their starter name was Drama Hotel.
  • "Raynard" was the name of Hallie's infant child in the first scene of the first Harold in the first Raynard rehearsal. Raynard, a scrappy and lonely underdog, grew up and graduated from Harvard by the end of the Harold.
  • Of all the Harold Team performers in action during Raynard's tenure, the four youngest all played on Raynard: Amber (22), Spike (22), Will (21) and Aaron (20). On the other end, Rob and John are in their thirties, and married to exceptionally good looking women.
  • From September 2007-January 2008, the team's primary post-rehearsal gathering place was The Diner on 9th Avenue & 14th street. This tradition abruptly ended after the Diner's prices rose dramatically.