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Queen of Sharks is an improvisational comedy group formed in April of 2008[1]. Its seven members are Jason Tyne-Zimmerman, Brian Schell, Colin McNally, Amanda Peck, Lorie Steele, and Sara Ruth Blake.

It would safe to say that Queen of Sharks commits more murder in its scenes than any other group. They kill a lot of characters. Colin McNally is responsible for at least 60% of those.

They started hosting a weekly show at the Rififi in New York City[2] called Triple Threat until Rififi's met with an untimely end in late July. They have since moved their show (which eventually evolved into the CHOMPetition) to Identity Lounge [3] where they continue perform every Saturday at 7pm.

They have also started hosting a (somewhat) monthly show at the PIT called Special Ops where Geoff Grimwood (formerly Pete LePage) challenges the Sharks and guest teams to improv challenges.

Former members include Danielia Donohue (Chemistry Grad School), Justin Laub (Really Good Doctors), Michael Newman (Mrs. Estherhouse) and Elizabeth Urello. The group's coach had been Mark Grenier for almost a year, more recently Nate Starkey and Sarah Nowak, and currently Geoff Grimwood.

The Chompetition

Starting on October 4, 2008, Queen of Sharks started the largest improv bracket tournament ever attempted. In October 2008 thirty-two teams started performing one-on-one single-elimination, and on August 8, 2009 one team will be named the victor.

CHOMPetition 2010 will begin on September 12, 2009. Submissions for indie improv teams are currently being accepted.

Other Notable Shows

Providence Improv Festival 2008

Queen of Shark's Special Ops (Various Dates, 2009, at the PIT)

Monday Night Mayhem May, 2010

External Links

Website: http://www.queenofsharks.com/

Show info: http://www.timeout.com/newyork/events/improv/252629/chompetition