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Pygmy Marmalade was an improv team in New York City. They may be the only team founded by people who knew each other primarily from the Improv Resource Center message boards. The original cast, for their first show at Ash Wednesday in March 2005, was Michele Medlin, Jed Resnik, Adam Scally, Jeff Scherer, Chris Schneider, Rich Sommer and Teresa Tulipano, though Sommer missed the first show.

The group performed mostly at variety shows such as Ash Wednesday and Variety Underground. In July 2005, a smaller cast put up their own show with weekly guests at Juvie Hall, and also performed at the Del Close Marathon. Dave Warth sat in with them at the latter, one of their best performances, and was promptly added to the group.

The group's last performance was at the 2006 Dirty South Improv Festival.

Origin of the name

According to Sommer:

The name, I think, was loosely inspired by a story I told about a Pygmy Marmoset. Here's the basic story:

I took my then-girlfriend to the Red River Zoo in Fargo, ND. The zookeeper came in to the Pygmy Marmoset enclosure while we were there, and they all freaked out: The lead male monkey started whacking it, and the matriarch bent over and spread her labia. The zookeeper said that they were mad at him for taking their babies for checkups when they were born.

It remains the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

I'm not sure how "Marmalade" got in there. Someone said it and it was funny. I think it was Jeff.