Primal Bias

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An longform improv comedy group in New York City which started as part of The Project and went on to a long career of its own.


Founding members were Team captain Kevin Hines, Will Hines, Dave Lombard, Gavin Speiller, Erik Tanouye, Kevin Cragg. Silvija Ozols eventually joined, quit and then re-joined. Porter Mason and Ashley Ward sat in with the group occasionally.


Primal Bias was formed as part of the first season of The Project in December 2005.

Terry Jinn always introduced Primal Bias as the "Hugo and Nebula award winning" improv team, a reference to two prizes for top science-fiction literature. Kevin had named Primal Bias after an ad for a science fiction book that he did not read.

Will Hines' favorite intro for the team was "The funniest bunch of guys in their mid-30s you could hope to meet" which was used exactly once, which they performed at the second ever Acid Test.

The team preferred a destructively fast style of tagging-out. The was established after its second show, in which Will Hines tagged out David Lombard after the first line of the show (despite having promised MOMENTS BEFORE backstage to show restraint in the show). In the third show, Dave Lombard tagged out Erik Tanouye after one line, and put Will Hines in his place. Will Hines is writing this paragraph!

Under St. Marks Show

Primal Bias teamed up with Five Dudes to co-host a series of Saturday night shows at Under St. Marks from March 2006 through September 2006. An indie team always opened, bringing big crowds and helping to kick off an resurgence of indie improv teams (not associated with a particular theater) performing at Under St. Marks, The Red Room and Gotham City Improv. On Chris Gethard's suggestion, the first 20 people at each show received free 40 ounce malt liquors.


That Gavin was really Dave's child, who only saw each other at performances.

Something about Bob Mould (Silvija is writing this part and was not actually around for the bit). The end result was that the team received an e-mail from "Bob Mould." It was naturally assumed that only Tanouye--or maybe Will Hines-- would have both the drive and devotion to register for a fake Bob Mould e-mail address just to keep a bit going. In the end everyone was shocked to learn that Lombard was the fake Bob Mould. Kevin Hines told Dave "The actual Bob Mould was a more likely suspect than you."